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Fast Reaction: Twins 2, White Sox 1 (10 innings)

With the pitcher's duel that we saw in this game, it's no wonder that the winning run would score on an error.

Adam Dunn wasn't the only batter upset about striking out on Saturday.
Adam Dunn wasn't the only batter upset about striking out on Saturday.
Jonathan Daniel

CB Bucknor, thank you for calming down a bit.

Bucknor, today's home plate umpire, was doing a fairly decent Eric Gregg impersonation for the first half of the ballgame, calling anything near the plate a strike. That caused quite a few batters to look back at him in disgust after being rung up, but at least he was doing it to both teams. Eventually he settled down and over the last few innings, announcers Howard David and Bert Blyleven were marveling that a lot of close pitches were no longer strikes.

Being a pitcher's duel, perhaps it's no surprise that it was an error that led to the go-ahead run for the Twins in the top of the 10th. After Ryan Doumit doubled and Aaron Hicks popped out on a bunt attempt, Eduardo Escobar hit a slow roller to shortstop Alexei Ramirez. Doumit advanced to 3rd base and Ramirez bounced his throw to 1st baseman Jeff Keppinger, and the ball rolled far enough away in order for Doumit to chug home.

Even though starters Vance Worley and Jake Peavy both pitched 7 innings, the teams managed to combine to use 10 relievers. Managers Robin Ventura and Ron Gardenhire sure were playing this game like it was a playoff.

Time to look at today's Chatty Cathys.

Roll Call:


Congratulations, kenzertz. Second Saturday in a row being the most talkative.


  • Alejandro De Aza led off the game with a solo homer for the White Sox. It would be their only run.
  • That home run was Vance Worley's first that he's allowed this season.
  • There were 22 strikeouts in the game. With CB Bucknor's huge strike zone in the beginning, 6 of the first 7 Ks and 9 of the first 11 were looking. In all, there were 11 strikeouts looking and 11 swinging.

Win Expectancy:


More will be coming in the game recap.