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Game 15: Twins at White Sox

Let's go Twins!

First Pitch: 1:10pm CDT


Radio: K-Twin, TIBN, BOB FM

Know Thine Enemy: South Side Sox

Twins: Carroll (2B), Mauer (DH), Willingham (LF), Morneau (1B), Doumit (C), Plouffe (3B), Arcia (RF), Hicks (CF), Florimon (SS)

Diamond (P)

White Sox: De Aza (LF), Keppinger (2B), Rios (RF), Konerko (1B), Dunn (DH), Ramirez (SS), Gillaspie (3B), Flowers (C), Wise (CF)

Floyd (P)

Based on our pre-game notes, both managers are aware of which hitters have smacked around the opposing pitcher in the past. Carroll is leading off for our Twins, while De Aza leads off for the Sox. Chicago's Viciedo is the only "hot" hitter based on matchups who isn't playing this afternoon.

Chicago fans are convinced that the Twins are the worst team in the division and that the Sox should bury us. And maybe by the end of the year, they will. But the Twins were the better team last night (or at least, the Sox were the worse team), and that result can certainly repeat itself again today.

Let's get another win.