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Fast Reaction: Twins 4, Marlins 3

Kevin Correia is strong once again and Oswaldo Arcia hits his first Major League home run.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There were two things I noticed about Oswaldo Arcia's three run homer this afternoon. The first was that he didn't even make dead red contact. His swing was strong and he extended his arms, though. The second thing is that the home run landed like a Jim Thome bomb. Arcia destroyed that baseball.

Kevin Correia once again went seven innings, surrendering just two runs off five hits and a walk while striking out five. He continues to excel in cold conditions, and he continues to be one of the league's best pitchers to this point in the season.


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Bullet Point Highlights
  • Brian Dozier led off today and picked up a trio of hits, including a triple. He's now hitting .255.
  • Dozier was also just on MLB Network's Intentional Talk, which might be one of the most annoying shows on the network (partially because I can't help but watch it, in spite of myself). Worth noting: He and Josh Willingham pair up to play cards against Ryan Doumit and Trevor Plouffe, playing everyday. Jim Johnson is the pitcher he most hates to face right now. Willingham gives him hell about his hair everyday. Justin Morneay has a better body than Joe Mauer in the shower.
  • Aaron Hicks drew another walk today.
  • Glen Perkins struck out the side in the ninth to convert his sixth save of the year.
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