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Fast Reaction: Marlins 8, Twins 5

Never expected Mike Redmond's team to be wearing so much clothes...
Never expected Mike Redmond's team to be wearing so much clothes...
Hannah Foslien

Mike Pelfrey struggled through yet another start tonight, leaving the Twins with an early deficit they were ultimately unable to overcome. The Marlins loaded the bases and scored three runs in the first, and began the second with three straight singles before Pelfrey managed to strike out Placido Polanco for the first out. It was not pretty. It looked like Pelfrey wasn't going to make it out of the second inning, but somehow he escaped with only one earned run and then go on to pitch a couple more innings.

The Twins offense battled back to within striking distance several times, but the early run deficit combined with rough bullpen outings for Anthony Swarzak and Ryan Pressly put the Twins in a hole they weren't able to climb out of.


  1. Devereaux (78)
  2. amiller92 (62)
  3. SotaFan27 (62)
  4. kenzertz (57)
  5. DavidRF (54)
  6. twinsgirl197 (45)
  7. Purpledork (44)
  8. rubberbiscuit (43)
  9. ColossusOfRhode (30)
  10. Luke in MN (26)
Bullet Point Highlights
  • The Twins biggest inning was the 3rd, in which they scored three runs. But one of those runs came on a wild pitch, and another one on a fielding error--largely Marlin gifts.
  • Eduardo Escobar went 3 for 3 with a triple, a walk, and two runs.
  • Aaron Hicks hit a single in the bottom of the third, raising his batting average to .073. It was Hicks' fourth hit of the season, and his first hit that did not result in an RBI (although he did get an RBI later of a sacrifice fly).
  • Justin Morneau looked lost at the plate. He went 0 for 5 with two strikeouts.
  • This game really dragged--nearly four hours--and it was really cold. Oswaldo Arcia had to change into more clothes in-between innings. The players all looked pretty miserable, and I don't think it helped anyone's performance.
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