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Morning After Thoughts: Rangers 4, Twins 3

These are things I thought of after I went to bed.

Hannah Foslien

The first thing to know about Friday's Twins game is how it was kind of boring. The Twins were down immediately, they struggled for the umpteenth time to do anything against an unproven starter they hadn't seen before, yada yada yada. We've seen that a lot the last two seasons. But: the Rangers are damn good. Scott Diamond somehow managed to keep the Twins in the game despite giving up all of the doubles. Oswaldo Arcio hit another 3-run HR to stir everyone from their couches with a, "Holy SHIT, did that get out in a hurry," even if the game ended, like, ten seconds later.

So, what I'm trying to say is that, despite being back below .500, I'm not in the "here we go again" camp with the 2013 Minnesota Twins. The starting pitching, absent Mike Pelfrey, has been better than expected. The bullpen has held up. The offense is hit-or-miss (in Aaron Hicks' case, the latter), but I'm not that worried about it yet. Perhaps most importantly, the Sanos and Buxtons and Meyers are looking dominant in the minors. A season that looks destined for 70-75 wins seems a lot better when you know there are reinforcements.

ANYWAY, enough rambling. The thing worth noting this morning is Ryan Pressly's relief performance. As Mike Berardino notes in today's Pioneer Press, the Rule V reliever was "fantastic" according to his manager last night, with the exception of giving up what turned out to be the critical fourth run of the game. Pressly was kicking himself after the game:

"I shook off Joe," Pressly said. "I wanted a fastball because I gave (Kinsler) two straight fastballs, and I thought he'd be sitting (on) a curveball or slider, anything soft. I missed my spot completely. I make a better pitch and we're playing extra innings right now."

Pressly, earned-run average still sparkling at 1.86 though six outings, had never shaken off Mauer before and has no plans to do it ever again. He expressed that to the Twins' franchise catcher upon returning to the clubhouse after the Twins' third straight loss.

"I told him, 'That will be the last time I ever shake you,' " Pressly said. "And he goes, 'OK.' You live, you learn."