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Fast Reaction: Twins 3, Tigers 2

Fischean will be back tonight with a full recap, but here's your immediate reaction.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins win on a walk-off! From Eduardo Escobar! Let's let that sink in for a minute, but then go back to celebrating like we just won the world series! Honestly, I actually loved seeing the guys all storm the field as Brian Dozier scored the winning run all the way from first base. Just fantastic.

Bullet Point Highlights

  • The Twins were 2-for-2 with their dangerous bench in pinch hitting scenarios this afternoon. Escobar picked up a big hit to win it in the bottom of the ninth, but Wilkin Ramirez was who he replaced...and Ramirez had replaced Pedro Florimon. Ramirez and Escobar both were credited with doubles, so that's fun, too.
  • Aaron Hicks was hitless and struck out two times.
  • Ditto for Ryan Doumit.
  • Ditto for Chris Parmelee.
  • Kevin Correia went seven innings and allowed just two runs. Who saw that one coming?


The Twins' win expectancy went from 46.9% to 100% on Escobar's double off the base of the wall in left center field. Thanks for not catching it, Austin Jackson!