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Game #4: Twins @ Orioles

Your lineups and game thread for THE FIRST PLACE MINNESOTA TWINS, people.

Rob Carr

First Pitch: 2:10pm CDT
Radio: K-Twin, TIBN, BOB FM
Know Thine Enemy: Camden Chat

Liam Hendriks v. Jake Arrieta. Is this the year Liam Hendriks earns a spot in the rotation, rather than being in it by default? The first three games have given us a small-sample reason for optimism on other question marks, so why not? Arrieta is in a similar position for Baltimore, as he is looking to rebound from a 2012 that saw him finish with a 6.20 ERA.

Twins (courtesy new guy Mike Berardino, who you should all follow on Twitter because he's really good) : Hicks 8, Mauer dh, Hammer 7, Morneau 3, Doumit 2, Plouffe 5, Parmelee 3, Dozier 4, Escobar 6.

Orioles (courtesy MASN Sports) : Nate McLouth LF, Manny Machado 3B, Nick Markakis RF, Adam Jones CF, Chris Davis 1B, Matt Wieters C, J.J. Hardy SS, Ryan Flaherty 2B, Nolan Reimold DH

  • No Florimon today. He needs to think about what he's done. (Again via Berardino, here's Gardy on the switch.)
  • That also means all three catchers are in the lineup today, with emergency catcher Eduardo Escobar manning short.
Enjoy the game, everybody.