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Game 6: Twins at Orioles

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The Twins look to take series two of 2013 as Pedro Hernadez squares off against Jason Hammel.

First Pitch: 12:35pm CDT
Radio: K-Twin, TIBN, BOB FM
Know Thine Enemy: Camden Chat

Twins: Hicks (CF), Mauer (C), Willingham (LF), Morneau (1B), Doumit (DH), Plouffe (3B), Ramirez (RF), Dozier (2B), Florimon (SS)

Orioles: Markakis (RF), Machado (3B), Davis (1B), Jones (CF), Pearce (DH), Hardy (SS), Reimold (LF), Teagarden (C), Casilla (2B)

Jason Hammel

#39 / Pitcher / Baltimore Orioles





Sep 02, 1982

Hammel is another Baltimore pitcher who had a pretty solid 2012. He gave the Orioles 20 starts and 118 innings, setting career-best marks in strikeouts per nine innings (8.6), hits per nine innings (7.9), home runs per nine innings (0.7), ground ball rates (53.2%), and left-on-base percentage (73.9%).

His success could be attributed to any number of things. Hammel's fastball was far more effective than it had been in the past, which always helps. It's also quite possible that getting out of Colorado can do wonders for a pitcher.

Pedro Hernandez

#60 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Apr 12, 1989

If we go by his one start with the White Sox last season, Hernandez couples his four-seamer with a two-seam fastball that he'll throw regularly. The slider was his second-favorite pitch, and his changeup was thrown a handful of times. He's been know to elevate his pitches. If that happens today: look out.