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Twins Take Another Series as Minnesota Wins 4-3

Sometimes you help yourself. Sometimes your opponent helps you. Either way is good.

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Maybe it was low expectations or maybe it was a big of a hangover from the last two seasons, but I didn't expect the Twins to come out and win four of their first six games. I just didn't. And if you'd have told me they did, against two of last October's playoff teams, I'd have diagnosed you with a severe case of Homeritis. Nevertheless, the Twins are 4-2 and stand atop the American League Central Division.

Trust me, I'm going to say that as frequently as possible for as long as it's true.

Below is a list of how the Twins have done in their first six games in recent history, and in parenthesis is the number of games it eventually too them to get to four wins.

2012: 2-4 (12)
2011: 2-4 (10)
2010: 5-1 (5)
2009: 3-3 (9)
2008: 3-3 (9)
2007: 4-2 (5)
2006: 1-5 (9)
2005: 3-3 (7)
2004: 3-3 (8)
2003: 3-3 (10)

I'm not trying to say much. All I'm trying to say is that it's nice to start the year off well, and that even over the last ten years (when the team has had plenty of regular season success) rarely have they started the year so well.

The game itself had it's moments but wasn't terribly exciting. I have just a few extra bullet points I want to throw out and we'll call it a recap.

  • I'd like to know how Justin Morneau was credited with a double on a play that could have been made by two players instead of one, but I'm not complaining. Through six games he's walked four times and struck out just three, and he's been making solid contact. This is a 1000% improvement on where he was last year at this time.
  • In 13 plate appearances this season, Pedro Florimon has seen 57 pitches. He worked a pair of walks today on ten pitches. You can absolutely put the caveat "small sample size" on everything at this point in the year, but I did not expect him to be this productive over two weeks much less one.
  • The Twins have won four of six games and have won both of the series they've played this season. Have I mentioned how amazing that is?
Brian Duensing, Jared Burton, Glen Perkins
Aaron Hicks
Justin Morneau

Adam Jones (Thanks, buddy!)