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Fast Reaction: Twins 6, Tigers 2


Leon Halip

Just like Monday, the Twins jumped to an early lead, the starting pitcher cruised through five, and then the Tigers roared (get it?) back in 6th.

This time, though, things didn't fall apart, the center held, and the Twins went on to a comfortable 6-2 victory.


  1. Rubber Biscuit (32)
  2. MNWildcat (29)
  3. SotaFan27 (26)
  4. Gunnarthor (20)
  5. DavidRF (16)
  6. jere.johnson37 (14)
  7. spanspanspan (6)
  8. ColossusOfRhode (4)
  9. domesticllama (4)
  10. Brian Cludy (3)


  • Scott Diamond carried a no-hitter into the 5th, got in heaps of trouble in the 6th, escaped with the lead, and his day was done. With the way the bullpen is pitching, that's all that's needed at this point.
  • Justin Morneau opened the scoring with a 2-out, 1st-inning double, and drove a second run in in the 7th.
  • Chris "GENE" Parmelee had an up-down-and-up day. He notched the second RBI in the first, missed a cutoff man in the 6th and cost the Twins a run, then stroked an impressive dong in the 8th.
  • Glen Perkins gave up two hits. CUT HIM NOW.

Source: FanGraphs

Twins are .500 on May 1st. Beats the hell out of losing at cards. Enjoy the rest of your day, everybody.