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GameThread: Twins vs. Orioles

The bullpen let the Twins down yesterday, will Vance Worley pitch deep enough to minimize the 'pen's impact in tonight's game?

First Pitch: 6:10 pm


Radio: 96.3 KTWIN, TIBN

Know Thine Enemy: Camden Chat

After yesterday's frustrating 9-6 loss against the Orioles in which the bullpen allowed 6 runs, the Twins look to turn their fortunes around tonight with Vance Worley on the mound. Worley himself is looking for some positives this season, as he is still winless as a Twin.

Opposing him is rookie Steve Johnson, who will be making his 2013 debut in place of the injured Miguel Gonzalez. Johnson had an excellent 2012 in making 12 appearances (4 starts) and pitching to a 2.11 ERA, but his minor league numbers suggested that he was performing over his head. I alluded to Johnson's Bugs Bunny curveball in the pregame scouting report, so let's see if Oswaldo Arcia accidentally helicopters his bat into the stands trying to crush that curveball off the IDS Tower.

Something interesting is that the Orioles want former Twin Alexi Casilla to give up switch-hitting. Although he has been a little better (albeit still bad) against RHP in terms of OPS in his career, the O's are hoping that making him bat only righthanded will improve his swing from that side and turn him into a better hitter overall. Even though it wasn't mentioned, it's a possibility that the Orioles might be doing this to further a platoon between Casilla and Ryan Flaherty at second base, but who knows as Casilla started against righty Mike Pelfrey last night.

* As a righthander: .258/.297/.322; Lefthanded: .247/.308/.340

I'll be working tonight's game so I don't think I'll be able to get the lineups posted in the thread. You may need to rely on someone else tonight.


SP Steve Johnson


SP Vance Worley