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Fast Reaction: Twins 10, White Sox 3

How does an absolute pasting of the Chicago White Sox feel? Better than Christmas morning.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't start well. Chicago scored two off Pedro Hernandez in the top of the first. But then Pedro settled down. And the Minnesota offense settled in.

The White Sox handed the Twins their first run after they loaded the bases (thanks, Alexei Ramirez!), but two batters later Trevor Plouffe laced a double in the left-center field gap for two runs to put the home team up 4-2. It would only get better.

Aaron Hicks led off the bottom of the fourth inning with a solo home run to center field. His second homer of the year. In the top of the sixth, Hicks scaled the center field wall and robbed Adam Dunn of a home run that would have tied the game at four. And then, in the bottom of the sixth, Hicks went yard again. To center field.

All your center field are belong to Aaron Hicks.

Minnesota put the game away in the eighth when Deunte Heath walked Josh Willingham with the bases loaded, and then Justin Morneau did him a favor and cleared the bases with a ripped double. When the dust cleared the score was 10-3. And that, my friends, is a kick ass mother f*****g win.


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Bullet Point Highlights
  • How many White Sox players does it take to catch a pop up? More than three. The big eighth started when Owaldo Arcia popped up to shallow left-center field. Alejandro De Aza, Casper Wells and Alexei Ramirez all converged and then fell over each other like a Three Stooges sketch. Arcia, naturally, was heads up and took second for a cheap double. Already his fifth.
  • Hernandez settled down after a rough first inning, putting zeros on the board in the second, third, fourth, and fifth before getting pulled in the sixth. His box score reads 5.1 innings and three earned runs, but he pitched well most of the time.
  • Josh Roenicke, Jared Burton and Casey Fien pitched 3.1 scoreless innings, striking out five.
  • Hicks was 2-for-3 with two home runs, one robbed home run, a walk, and three runs scored. Have a game, son!
  • Joe Mauer was 1-for-2 with three walks; Justin Morneau was 3-for-5 with two doubles and four runs batted in. Delicious.
  • If you had to choose a player for your roster between Hicks and Adam Dunn, right now you'd probably be better off choosing Hicks. So that's fun.
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