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Twins Recall Caleb Thielbar: Hernandez Down, Gibson's Debut Close?

It seems like the Twins are making a move...and that it might be the predecessor to the arrival of Kyle Gibson.


While nothing has yet been officially announced, Twitter sources are running amok with the news that the Twins are about to promote 26-year old southpaw reliever Caleb Thielbar to the Majors. The presumption by most is that Pedro Hernandez will be returned to Triple-A, at which point the Twins will have eight relievers and four starting pitchers.

The Twins will need a fifth starter on Friday as they take on the Tigers in Detroit. With Kyle Gibson completing a three-hit shutout yesterday afternoon for Rochester, the timing couldn't be better. Gibson could take his regular rest and come out for his fifth day start...except against a Major League club.

We'll get back to this later today as things clear up. Stay tuned.