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Game 45: Twins @ Tigers

This is your game thread. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Stephen Dunn

First Pitch: 6:08pm CDT



Know Thine Enemy: Bless You Boys


Twins (courtesy PiPress' Mike Berardino):

1. Jamey Carroll 3B

2. Not a Home Run C

3. Hammer DH

4. Mountie 1B

5. Oswaldo Arcia LF


7. Eduardo Escobar SS

8. Aaron Hicks CF

9. Brian Dozier 2B

Tigers (courtesy Detroit Free Press):

1. Dirks LF

2. Infante 2B

3. Cabrera 3B

4. Fielder 1B

5. Martinez DH

6. Peralta SS

7. Avila C

8. Kelly CF

9. Garcia RF


  • Where's Oswaldo? After riding the bench all week, he's batting fifth.
  • Two pieces of info we don't have: tomorrow's starting pitcher, and who's getting DFA'd. In all likelihood, P.J. Walters will toe the rubber on Saturday. Kevin Correia was originally slated to start, but the Twins now have it as TBA. Assume this to mean Correia and the rest of the staff gets pushed back a day and nothing beyond that. As for the DFA, the Twitter speculation seems to be Joe Benson, but nobody knows for sure. When we find out, we'll let you know.

Enjoy the game, everybody.