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Wilkin Ramirez to 7-Day Disabled List, Twins to Recall Chris Herrmann

Outfielder to spend week on DL for concussion-like symptoms.

Leon Halip

In the sixth inning of yesterday's game, center fielder Wilkin Ramirez made a pretty good catch. Unfortunately, it was a routine fly ball for left fielder Josh Willingham. Hammer settled under it for the catch, and out of nowhere Ramirez flew into the frame and simultaneously caught the ball and ran into Brick Wall Josh. Ramirez didn't call off his left fielder, at least not until it was too late, and more or less gave himself a pretty ugly injury.

Concussions aren't to be trifled with. As a result, when Ramirez was unable to correctly list the months of the year in reverse order, the team doctor decided it was better to be safe than sorry and recommended he miss a few days.

With an open roster spot the Twins have recalled Chris Herrmann. He was a 6th round pick for Minnesota in 2009, and appeared in seven games last season. This season for Triple-A Rochester he's put together a .238/.311/.285 triple slash in 43 games, and will be expected to backup at catcher and corner outfield spots.

This also means that, at least for the duration of Ramirez's absence, Aaron Hicks will be the only player on the active roster who is a legitimate center fielder. Hicks has started most days anyway, so this shouldn't be an issue, but in case of emergency Eduardo Escobar is likely to be the player asked to hold down the fort.