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Twins 6, Brewers 3: Parmelee, Mauer Homer as Minnesota Tops Milwaukee's B-Squad

Correia has his best start of the month.

Mike McGinnis

If you're a Twins fan get on your knees and pray that Angel Hernadez doesn't review this.

- Dick Bremer

Kevin Correia didn't look like he was going to pitch well today. In the bottom of the first he walked Norichika Aoki on five pitches, Jean Segura fought him off until he was able to line one up the middle, and then he plunked Carlos Gomez with a 2-2 fastball. Yet the Brewers didn't score. It turns out that was more of an indication for how Milwaukee's afternoon would go.

Yuniesky Betancourt smashed a hard liner right to Pedro Florimon, who flipped to Brian Dozier to complete a double play. Aoki didn't have a chance to go anywhere. Somebody named Jeff Bianchi then struck out to end the threat, and that's how Correia walked off the mound unscathed.

Gomez homered to lead off the fourth, and then was the second half of a back-to-back homer pairing in the sixth when Segura hit his eighth bomb of the year. Those were all the runs the Brewers would get, and they're a great example of how home runs aren't that big of a deal as long as the bases are empty.

Justin Morneau continued his hot month of May by pushing a bouncing ball through the left side in the top of the first to score Joe Mauer. Pedro Florimon and Ryan Doumit combined to drive in three, meaning that even after the back-to-back shots from the Brewers the Twins were still leading 4-3. Joe Mauer homered off of the yellow padding in left field in the seventh (credit Angel Hernandez and crew for actually getting the review right this time), and Chris Parmelee took Burke Badenhop deep to extend Minnesota's lead to our final score.


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Bullet Point Highlights
  • Is it just me, or is Major League Baseball really starting to gather a collection of umpires who are constantly under fire from fans and the media? Angel Hernandez, Joe West, and even Alfonso Marquez seem to rise above the game from time to time, and too often it's because they make incorrect calls or draw attention to themselves. Not a fan, folks. Not a fan.
  • Wasn't Joe Mauer's last home run also off the top of a fence?
  • Carlos Gomez is really good at pimping his own home runs. More power to him - the guy is having a fantastic season and the Brewers have clearly gotten more out of him than the Twins did (or than the Twins got from J.J. Hardy). He's having himself a year.
  • The Brewers were already sans Corey Hart, and both Aramis Ramirez and Ryan Braun were kept out of today's game (at least until Braun's pinch hitting appearance in the bottom of the ninth). Give credit to the Twins where it's due - a win is a win and we need all the wins we can right now. But the Twins did just double up Milwaukee's second string.
  • Josh Roenicke, Brian Duensing, Jared Burton and Glen Perkins combined for three shutout innings in relief this afternoon. Perkins in particular was absolutely filthy, striking out the first two batters he faced.
  • Parmelee's fourth home run of the year came as the result of a double switch, when he came in to play right field for Doumit while Roenicke and the pitcher's spot moved to sixth in the batting order. Parm's had a really tough year, so it was good to see him get hold of one today.
  • Can we officially state that Florimon has a penchant for the dramatic? Once or twice a week he's coming through when the Twins need him to. And that's great coming from a guy hitting at the bottom of the order.
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