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Former Twins News Clearinghouse

What they're doing, where they're going, and Nick Punto.

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Stare into Matt Guerrier's kind eyes.  He just wants to be your 7th-inning bridge, girl.
Stare into Matt Guerrier's kind eyes. He just wants to be your 7th-inning bridge, girl.
Rob Tringali

With no game on Thursday and no roster moves to discuss, here's a brief update on what your favorite former Twins are doing. And Delmon Young.
  • Ben Revere. No, Vance Worley hasn't gotten off to the best start. And Trevor May isn't setting the world afire in AA. But Ben. Oh, Ben. Despite his usual Web Gemmery (NOT A WORD), Ben's bat is not doing him any favors. His current line is .204/.245/.226. Charlie Manuel has dropped him from the top of the Phillies order to the bottom (still ahead of the pitcher, I assume). Fortunately, Philadelphia sports fans are noted for their patience and reserving judg--(/SMOTHERED IN THROWN BATTERIES)
  • Delmon Young. Speaking of Phillies outfielders, Delmon came off the DL this week and hit a home run in his first at-bat for the team. And while Revere was benched on Thursday, Delmon started in right field. Does anyone know if Philadelphia is interested in a gently used Clete Thomas?
  • Nick Punto. Batting .375 and providing grit for the Los Angeles Dodgers. So much grit. GET MONEY.
  • Matt Guerrier. The former bullpen fixture is struggling mightily for those same Dodgers. He gave up a couple two-run dongs on Saturday night, including one to ANOTHER former Twin, Carlos Gomez, pushing his ERA to 6.48.
  • Kyle Lohse. The enemy of office doors everywhere, Lohse suffered a dislocated pinky on his non-throwing hand in an April 23rd victory over the Padres. Here's a picture of his Baldinger-esque digit He is pitching through it, though, whereas I would have probably fainted or something like a wuss.