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Kyle Gibson Needs to Be Consistent "Like the Fast & Furious Films" Says GM Ryan

The promising starting pitcher will continue toiling at Rochester until he offers the thrills and chills of the popular movie franchise, according to the Twins general manager.


After two outstanding starts and 20 consecutive scoreless innings, Kyle Gibson stumbled on Thursday, surrendering six earned runs in six innings of work. The pitching prospect, rumored to be joining the Twins as soon as his next start, will instead be spending a little more time in Rochester until "he can consistently go out there and deliver, just like the Fast & Furious movies," said Twins General Manager Terry Ryan.

In a Twinkie Town exclusive, Ryan talked about where he saw Gibson's future with the major league club, and put it entirely in terms of the long-running movie franchise about elite street racers who operate both inside and outside the law, featuring the actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

"You have to out there every fifth day and give the people what they want, just like these motion pictures do. Action, suspense, a rousing climax. I'd like to see a little more of that out of Kyle," said Ryan.

Ryan compared Gibson's Thursday outing to Tokyo Drift, the third movie in the series, which was the least successful at the box office and starred neither Diesel nor Walker. "It didn't get your adrenaline pumping like the first two, and it didn't build on previous successes like Fast Five. There was promise there, but the bad outweighed the good, overall. And that kid from Friday Night Lights (Lucas Black, star of Tokyo Drift) makes Paul Walker look like Daniel Day-Lewis. Seriously."

Ryan, whose enthusiasm for these movies was heretofore unknown, compared Gibson to Diesel's character, Dominic Toretto.

"He has all the tools at his disposal, much like Dom Toretto. Dom's just a genius mechanic and driver, whereas Kyle's a starting pitcher. Dom has his Dodge Charger, Kyle his right arm. Dom lives his life a quarter-mile at a time. Kyle lives his 60 feet and 6 inches. They're two sides of the same coin, really."

When asked if there was a timeline to call Gibson up to the big leagues, especially given the post-Tommy John innings limit the pitcher is on, Ryan declined to get into specifics and instead wanted to talk about the twist at the end of Fast & Furious 6.

"Did you see when (ACTOR'S NAME REDACTED) showed up at the end of the movie? My goodness, that blew me away. The whole movie was great, but that was the cherry on top. Fast 7 cannot come quickly enough. I think I'll see 6 again on our next off-day. Best popcorn movie of the summer, hands down."