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Game 52: Mariners @ Twins

Here is the game thread where you work out your complex feelings and emotions over the Minnesota Twins/Seattle Mariners game tonight at Target Field. Don't get too worked up. Remember what your therapist said.

First Pitch: 7:10pm CDT



Know Thine Enemy: Lookout Landing


Twins (courtesy FSNTylerMason, which is a weird first name):

  1. Jamey Carroll 3B
  2. Brian Dozier 2B
  3. Not a Homer C
  4. Hammer LF
  5. Mountie 1B
  6. Ryan Doumit DH
  7. GENE RF
  8. Aaron Hicks CF
  9. Pedro Florimon SS
Mariners (courtesy MLB Lineups):

1. Chavez RF 2. Bay LF 3. Seager 3B 4. Morales 1B 5. Ibanez DH 6. Saunders CF 7. Franklin 2B 8. Sucre C 9. Ryan SS

Enjoy the game, everybody.