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Twins 3, Phillies 2: Justin Morneau Drives in the Runs

Justin Morneau's three hit, two RBI night propeled the Twins to a 3-2 win over the Phillies—with a little help from call-up Oswaldo Arcia.


The Twins held on to a 2-1 lead over the Phillies until the 8th inning, when the Phillies scored a run to tie it up. Luckily, the Twins matched that one run and held on for the 3-2 victory.

The Phillies scored first in the top of the third inning. Phillie John Mayberry reached first when Pedro Florimon made a pretty crappy throw to Justin Morneau, who wasn't able to pick it up (for some reason this was ruled an error on Morneau, not Florimon). The Twins got two Phillies out before Michael Young singled to right field and scored the aforementioned Mayberry.

The Twins didn't answer until the bottom of the fourth inning, after Ryan Doumit led off with a line-drive out, right to Ben Revere. Then the Twins followed with a trio of doubles by Josh Willingham, Justin Morneau, and Oswaldo Arcia, which resulted in two runs for the Twins and a one run lead.

The one-run lead remained until the 8th inning. Phillie Kevin Frandsen was on first with one out, when Ben Revere hit a single that sent Frandeon to second. The Twins took out starting pitcher PJ Walters and replaced him with Brian Duensing--but alas, Ryan Howard hit a single to score Frandsen to tie the game up 2 to 2.

Luckily, in the bottom of that inning, universal hero Justin Morneau drove in Jamey Carroll to retake the lead, and the Twins kept it ever after.


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Bullet Point Notes

  • Ben Revere came to the plate in the top first inning for the Phillies, and I expected some sort of little cheer--but no. Nothing. He came to the plate for his second at-bat, with more people in the stadium--but no. Nothing. What the heck, Twins fans? Did you already forget Revere?
  • Then when Delmon Young came to bat, there was a loud chorus of boos. Really? REALLY? Apparently a large section of the fan base was in a coma last year when Delmon visited Target Field multiple times as a Detroit Tiger, and received no attention at all. So, what? Were you all hungry and Delmon didn't put enough shish kabobs for you on the hibachi grill? Are you not a fan of the literature arts? Are you part of the government spying on the private actions of bankers and financiers? Do you not know how to take in a JI Jim Thome Home Run?
  • OKAY--I know most of the Delmon Young hate is because of the incident he had in New York City last year (still does not really explain the lack of hate when he came here with the Tigers, but whatever). I do not condone Delmon's actions--no one does--but, and this is STRICTLY MYJAH'S PERSONAL OPINION: I do not believe Delmon Young is anti-Semitic. I think Delmon is an angry drunk. Is that better? I don't know, but at least Delmon wasn't driving a car somewhere, risking people's lives, like so many baseball players everyone seems willing to forgive. And--contrary to some strange popular belief--Delmon was well liked in the Minnesota club house. When Ron Gardenhire was asked about Delmon's arrest, he was shocked and said that Delmon, "was one of the best teammates we had out here for the guys. We enjoyed the heck out of him." When Delmon was traded to Detroit, Joe Freaking Mauer told reporters, "I don't know if it's hit me yet... I have been out there to see him. I like Delmon as a person and a teammate." JOE MAUER SAID THAT. You don't have to like Delmon, but just ignore him then--like you did all of last year.
  • Ahem--ANY WHO... I asked the gamethread what their take-away from the game gamethread was and less cowbell, more 'neau answered: "Doumit batted 3rd and somehow we still won."