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Twins trying to Sizemore

Grady Sizemore is nearing a comeback to baseball, are the Twins a potential suitor for the former Indian?

Jason Miller

There was a time when an outfielder not named Mike Trout or Bryce Harper was taking baseball by storm. His name was Grady Sizemore, a five-tool player who hit for power, stole bases, played Gold-Glove caliber defense, while being the most productive leadoff man in all of baseball. In terms of saber metrics, from 2005-2008 only three players had a higher WAR then Sizemore, Albert Pujols, Chase Utley and Alex Rodriguez. Not to mention Sizemore is two, four, and seven years respectively younger then all those players listed.

Unfortunately, the knees of Sizemore caved in on him, as he was a shell of his former self when in the league from 2009-2011. Only playing 210 of 486 possible games and batting as high as just .248 in that time as well. Sizemore returned to Cleveland in 2012, but started the year on the 60 day DL and never saw any game time dealing with his ailing knees and back problems.

Sizemore has been out of work ever since, and is trying to make a comeback. With his career and reputation at stake now, Sizemore is attempting to make a return, but has insisted that he does not want to return until he is “baseball ready.” The Minnesota Twins are a potential suitor. As of right now, Aaron Hicks is on the DL, giving the Twins one true center fielder in Clete Thomas. Not necessarily a long-term answer there, and although Hicks has played above exceptional defense, his bat is still looking for any form of consistency when he does return from the DL.

That being said, should the Twins take a chance on the once promising star? The Twins went to watch Sizemore work out in March and when Sizemore does finally reach that “baseball ready state” the Twins are a supposed front-runner in winning the sweepstakes. It is a vintage Terry Ryan signing, and Sizemore is very familiar with the AL Central, as his entire career was spent in Cleveland. He would most likely be signed at league minimum, with maybe some incentives built into the contract as well. All though even if one month from now Sizemore is ready he would only at most play about 50-60 games. He also could be auditioning himself for another team for 2014. Who knows, maybe a little mentoring for Aaron Hicks from a guy like Grady Sizemore would do wonders, not to mention with Byron Buxton tearing through the minors, he may up here well before 2015 as originally anticipated. Maybe Sizemore could provide the same kind of mentoring that Carl Pavano was able to do, but to actually talented players this time.