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Nineteen Terrible Twins Nicknames

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Caleb Thielbar ended up with a good nickname, but not one of these is any good.

Hannah Foslien

We here at Twinkie Town have started calling Caleb Thielbar "Meat Raffle." Thielbar is from Randolph, a town of fewer than 500 people that is six miles west of Cannon Falls. We're pretty sure that the meat raffle is a Randolph tradition, like in every small town in Minnesota - hence the nickname. It just rolls off the tongue: Caleb "Meat Raffle" Thielbar.

That's a good nickname. None of the following, however, are good nicknames.

  1. Oswaldo "Dale Jr." Arcia
  2. Joe "Old Ironsides" Mauer
  3. "Encyclopedia" Vance Worley
  4. Trevor "DJ Hey Beef" May
  5. Josh "Spaceballs" Roenicke
  6. Trevor "Mr. Wednesday Night" Plouffe
  7. "Dishcloth" Casey Fien
  8. Aaron "Bill" Hicks
  9. Liam "The Professor" Hendriks
  10. P.J. "A.J." Walters
  11. Justin "Pig Snacks" Morneau
  12. Pedro "The Legionnaire" Florimon
  13. "Swedish" Ryan Doumit
  14. Anthony "China Syndrome" Swarzak
  15. Mike "Bazzle" Pelfrey
  16. Brian "Futon" Dozier
  17. Chris "Medium" Parmelee
  18. Glen "MapQuest" Perkins
  19. Jamey "The Old Goatherd" Carroll

Tune in next week, because frankly there's a chance we just come up with terrible nicknames every Monday for the rest of the season.