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Twins vs. White Sox: News and Notes

And now, the competition we've all been waiting for: which AL Central team is the worst?

Bob Levey

Probables (all games FSN)

  • Tuesday, 7:10pm: Mike Pelfrey vs. Dylan Axelrod
  • Wednesday, 7:10pm: Kevin Correia vs. Chris Sale
  • Thursday, 12:10pm: Scott Diamond vs. John Danks

White Sox Notes

  • Over the weekend, Chicago lost three one-run games to Houston, and it does not get lower than that. The Sox won Monday, but still: yikes.
  • At 13-24, the White Sox are the American League's worst road team.
  • Here's how bad it's gotten for Chicago: Friday, Chris Sale threw an eight-inning complete game, struck out 14, and did not allow an earned run, and the Sox still lost 2-1.
  • Sale has thrown 10 quality starts in 12 tries, tied for second in the AL, and has a sparkling 2.43 ERA, fourth in the AL. He's also 5-5. This is a reminder that W-L record for pitchers is stupid.
  • Your "Adam Dunn is Rob Deer" Update: 18 homers, .184 average, 83 strikeouts. Now, Deer twice led the league in strikeouts AND had the worst batting average in the AL, but he hit at least 21 homers both times. Dunn's already got almost 21 homers, but he's only third in strikeouts (18 behind Chris Carter, who is ridiculous), and has the second-worst batting average (behind Mike Moustakas.) So he's got some work to do if he wants to claim the Deer Award for the first time in his career.

Twins Notes

  • According to LaVelle E. Neal at the Star Tribune, Nick Blackburn has resumed throwing in the minors, and could appear in a game soon. This update has been brought to you by "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!", America's favorite thing to yell when Nick Blackburn pitches.
  • In the same article, Neal mentions that Rich Harden is hoping to maybe throw batting practice sometime soon. This is a reminder that the Twins are paying Rich Harden American dollars this year, and that there's hope for us all.
  • Mike Pelfrey told former TTer Brandon Warne at ESPN 1500 that, had he known he was going to get shelled, he wouldn't have come back so quickly. On behalf of Twins fans, I'd like to let Pelfrey know how nice it was that he could work out his personal difficulties, while only giving up 42,000 runs in the process.
  • Josh Willingham is hoping to play tonight after having a cortisone shot in his knee over the weekend, a treatment that hopefully improves the left fielder from "painful to watch" all the way up to merely "creaky."