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Poll: Will the Minnesota Twins Be Sellers at the MLB Trade Deadline?

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Trade speculation season is just around the corner. Where do you see the Twins fitting into the puzzle?


Happy Friday, folks! I'm working on a couple of Trade Deadline pieces that will be going up over the next few days, but in the meantime I wanted to see where you think the Twins will position themselves in the run up to one of the most exciting (in terms of speculation, at least) times of the baseball calendar.

As of this morning, the Twins are 6-4 in their last ten games and have just gone 6-3 on what was a very good home stand. They are now 33-36 on the season. For the rest of the month of June, Minnesota faces the Indians (three games), the Marlins (two) and then come back to the comforts of Target Field for four games against the Royals.

The Twins can easily compete with all three of these clubs. It's not as though we're seeing the Braves, Red Sox, and Cardinals. What if the Twins go 6-3 over their next nine games, too? Suddenly they'd be 39-39. How would that change your impressions of what the organization should do?

For me, nothing the Twins do will change my outlook. I want to see the team win and I'd be ecstatic to watch them compete and climb the standings a bit, but ultimately the 2013 Minnesota Twins are not built for a good run after the All-Star break. Selling off members of a very promising future for a high-risk gamble at second place in the AL Central is a fool's exercise, and I have a very hard time seeing how making a run for the division title is in any way realistic.

As far as I'm concerned, the Twins should be sellers at the trade deadline, regardless of their record or distance from the division lead or Wild Card position. But that's just me. How do you feel about it?