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Game Thread: Twins vs. Royals, Game 77

Kyle Gibson debuts. Ah, yeah.


First Pitch:
3:10 pm CST
Radio: 96.3 KTWIN, TIBN
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We've all made it through Kyle Gibson Eve and now it's Kyle Gibson day. Time to get hyped! (But not too hyped, if you've read the Saturday Notebook before coming here).

Yes, it's true, Kyle Gibson is making his major league debut today. At the same time, he manages to be exactly the same and not identical to the pitchers the Twins have trotted out earlier this season. The similarity is that he primarily throws a sinking fastball. However, he has no problems getting it over 90 MPH and his slider has been described as a wipe-out pitch, so my expectations are that he could actually strike out hitters around the major league average (currently about 7.5 per 9 IP, also known as a mark that no Twins starting pitcher has even sniffed this year). I promised a prediction for how Gibson's day will turn out, and I'm going to say that he gives up 3 runs in either 5 or 6 innings today.

Opposing him is Wade Davis, who is the other half of the trade with the Rays during the offseason that sent away prospects Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi that also netted yesterday's starter James Shields in return. Davis has returned to starting after spending a season in the Rays' bullpen last year where he was excellent. As a starter, however, Davis has struggled to stay successful. Although he's been picking it up lately, he still has a 4.96 ERA on the season, primarily due to allowing hitters to rack up a .316 batting average.

Davis has 5 pitches and pitches an awful lot like Twins starter Kevin Correia. His primary pitches are a 2-seam, 4-seam, and cut fastball, and he also throws a healthy number of curves while mixing in a change-up. FanGraphs says his 4-seamer as his best pitch and his curveball is rated as average.


Gordon (LF), Escobar (SS), Hosmer (1B), Butler (DH), Perez (C), Moustakas (3B), Cain (RF), Tejada (2B), Dyson (CF)

SP Wade Davis


Thomas (CF), Dozier (2B), Mauer (C), Morneau (1B), Plouffe (DH), Arcia (LF), Parmelee (RF), Carroll (3B), Florimon (SS)

SP Kyle Gibson (7-5, 3.01*)

* Triple-A stats