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Willingham Out Again, Nursing...Something

I feel like Jon is on the cusp of writing another Twinhua News Agency report.


Josh Willingham is in the middle of what must be a frustrating season. After finishing a very strong 2012 on the disabled list, things really haven't gotten any better for the Twins slugger. So far this season he's batting just .220/.354/.392. And for a player who is rumored to be a potential trade chip at baseball's upcoming trade deadline, a power hitter without power probably won't net much of a return.

Complicating the issue further is that Willingham is clearly nursing...something. Since getting a cortizone shot a couple of weeks ago, the Twins have played 12 games. Here is Josh's position for each of the 12.

Game 1 - LF
Game 2 - DH
Game 3 - LF
Game 4 - LF
Game 5 - Off
Game 6 - LF
Game 7 - LF
Game 8 - LF
Game 9 - DH
Game 10 - LF
Game 11 - Off
Game 12 - Off

Maybe the Twins are being forthright and Josh is just sore. But watching him in the field on Friday was not a pretty sight, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him have another day or two off before Gardy eases him back into the lineup. Of course, if the soreness doesn't go away, then we're talking about a DL stint.

At which point there's no way Willingham gets moved.

Right now it's all speculation, but people will start asking questions now that he's missing a second consecutive day. Let's see what the Twins tell us.