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Royals 4, Twins 1: Unearned Runs Bury Minnesota

Just's Justin Morneau before the game tonight--an actual kind-of smile!
Just's Justin Morneau before the game tonight--an actual kind-of smile!
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

While PJ Walters put forth a valiant effort, a throwing error by Pedro Florimon put the Twins in a hole they just wouldn't be able to climb out of. In the first inning of tonight's game in Kansas City, the Royals scored three runs on a throwing error by Florimon. Obviously, the three runs aren't entirely Florimon's fault, since there were runners on base to begin with, but the play certainly didn't help the Twins at all. PJ Walters worked six innings and gave up just the 3 unearned runs and six hits. Not a bad night for the righty, really. The only other Kansas City run came on a Billy Butler single off of Josh Roenicke in the seventh inning.

Minnesota was able to score a run of their own in the first inning, however, on an Eduardo Escobar walk (the Twins drew 3 walks in the first inning alone) and Josh Willingham single that scored Escobar from first base. The Twins mounted a mini-rally in the sixth inning when Brian Dozier and Aaron Hicks both singled, with just one out, but Jeremy Guthrie was able to quiet the next two batters to end the inning. Guthrie, for his part, did last six innings despite the walks, and only allowed one run on six hits. He did throw 102 pitches in those six innings as well.

Tonight was just the Twins' 3rd loss in their past 11 games, but it could have gone a lot differently had Minnesota not left 14 men on base throughout the game. Walks will haunt, but boy, leaving that many guys on base doesn't help either.

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FanGraph Fun!
The win expectancy graph for tonight's game is a little sad looking. Let's hope tomorrow is much better...

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Tomorrow the Twins look to take the series from Kansas City before heading to DC to take on the Nationals. The game starts at 7:10 pm CST and will feature