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Twins Territory Thursday Night: a Game, a Draft, Freddie Mercury

These are one man's real-time observations from an active evening for your favorite baseball team.

Jamie Squire

I watched, via television and the internet, Thursday night in Twins Territory. This is what I saw. It is NOT one of Bill Simmons' running diaries, as I have no friends named J-Bug nor eff-you money from the Worldwide Leader.

  • I prefer MLB Network's baseball studio shows to ESPN's. A notable exception to this is Harold Reynolds, who may very well be Baseball Todd McShay. He's just...he's not good. Now, unsolicited hugs that result in company-wide sensitivity training and/or lawsuits? Harold is on that shit.
  • What I knew about Kohl Stewart prior to the draft:
  • What I know now: he's from Tomball, Texas, a suburb of Houston. He shares that hometown with Chris Herrmann. He throws a very fast fastball. Bruce Springsteen might call it a speedball. He was the consensus best high-school pitcher in the draft. He was slated to go to Texas A&M as a quarterback. The chances of him bypassing college to sign with Minnesota are 100%, per Keith Law, so don't panic. His ERA this season was 0.18. That's a damn fine ERA.
  • Anthony LaPanta is in the booth for Dick Bremer tonight, because Dick's son is graduating from high school. Remember when Dick wouldn't say "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" in promos for that show because he didn't want his kids to hear him swear on air? Even though the least objectionable part of the dumb, shouty "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" was its title? Anyway, congratulations to Lil' Dick.
  • The Royals started the game with a throwing error, and that runner scored because of a wild pitch on a third strike. Then Ryan Doumit hit a 2-run home run. It's the Royals.
  • Mike Pelfrey almost immediately let Kansas City back into the game, because yeah. That said, he ended up doing okay, right? 3 runs in 6.1 IP is almost parade-worthy around these parts.
  • Here are the isolated vocal tracks of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie from "Under Pressure."
  • I don't usually link to the stuff I write over at the Strib, but if you wondered whatever happened to 2008 Twins first-rounder Shooter Hunt, I have you covered.
  • Boy, Jared Burton got knocked around. Don't be a trend.
  • Ryan Eades, the Twins' 2nd-round pick, is a righthander out of LSU. Had a torn labrum in high school and is a Scott Boras client. KEEPING YOU INFORMED AND KEEPING YOU SAFE. THAT IS THE TWINKIE TOWN PROMISE.
  • I just recorded a podcast with Twinkie Town editor Jesse Lund and Twinkie Town Monday correspondent/writer of epic poems Jon Marthaler. Do you want to listen to it? Sure you do. (There is adult language, as you probably expected.)
  • I'm going to finish this beer and go to bed.