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Twins vs. Yankees: News and Notes

The Bronxers are in town for a four-game set - and man, does this team not look like the Yankees you remember.


Probables (all games FSN)

  • Monday, 7:10pm: Scott Diamond vs. Andy Pettitte
  • Tuesday, 7:10pm: Samuel Deduno vs. Phil Hughes
  • Wednesday, 7:10pm: P.J. Walters vs. C.C. Sabathia
  • AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY, 1:10pm (also available on MLB Network): Kyle Gibson vs. David Phelps

Yankees Notes

  • You look at that Yankee lineup, and you're used to seeing seven Hall of Famers, a veteran catcher, and one random young guy in left field or something like that who is still somehow hitting .330. Now? Sunday, the first three hitters were Brett Gardner, Ichiro, and Robinson Cano - so far, so good. But then comes the 86-year-old Travis Hafner, followed by Zoilo Almonte, Lyle Overbay, Jayson Nix, Chris Stewart, and David Adams. I'm sure those guys are good players... but this looks like the kind of lineup the Blue Jays would put out in September when they were 27 games out of first.
  • Maybe not surprisingly, the Yankees have lost five straight and 20 of 32, and have fallen to fourth in the AL East, six and a half games behind Boston and just two games ahead of Toronto for last. (Granted, they're still 42-39, but .500 muddlers do not the AL East win.)
  • Let's go down the injury list and hit the highlights: Curtis Granderson, fractured knuckle on left pinky, could return in mid-July. Derek Jeter, cracked left ankle, took simulated at-bats last week and could return sometime after the All-Star Break. Alex Rodriguez, right hip dysplasia (or whatever he has, I can't remember), could return as soon as he gets done getting yelled at by the GM, probably after the All-Star Break. Kevin Youkilis, herniated disk, had surgery a couple of weeks ago and could return in September.
  • Meanwhile, Mark Teixeira, who has torn tendons in his wrist, underwent season-ending surgery last week, so there's no hope for him.
  • The Twins are done with the Yankees for the year at the end of next week, in the last series before the All-Star Break, so they can probably look at the above and thank their lucky stars. (I suppose the problem is that they'll still lose six of seven or something like that.)

Twins Notes

  • Mike Pelfrey is scheduled to make a rehab start today in Fort Myers; if he comes through that with no injury issues, he could start as soon as next Saturday for the Twins. One assumes that P.J. Walters and Scott Diamond may be pitching for their roster spots this week.
  • It was widely reported that clubhouse attendant Wayne "Big Fella" Hattaway suffered a stroke last week, but according to La Velle, he didn't officially have one - and the doctors just ordered him to drink more water and get more exercise. If it's good for Big Fella, it's good for all of us, I say, so I command you to get some water, go for a walk, and then grow an epic mustache.
  • Aaron Hicks played again Sunday, his sixth game at Rochester, as part of his rehab assignment. It's worth noting once again that Hicks' time in the minors counts as major league service time, since he's on the major-league disabled list; his stint at Triple-A won't help the Twins keep him longer. Unless, of course, they choose to send him down for two months after the All-Star Break, which would be confusing, to say the least.
  • Josh Willingham's knee is made out of recycled plastic bags, at this point. The Twins are hoping he'll be back in the starting lineup today, but as Jesse points out, if he goes on the DL again, it's probably curtains for the team's ability to trade him.