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Yankees 2, Twins 0.

I am going to tell the game story in two video clips. One positive, one negative.

Andy Marlin

There was a nice, long rain delay on Friday night. And as I watched the Twins/Yankees rain delay from the American Bar & Grill in Hector, Minnesota, I figured the best way to tell this game story was through the magic of video. I could have told you about the Twins going 0-12 with runners in scoring position, which is just crazy terrible, or I could just show you one good thing that will make you happy for a better future, and one that will orient you with the terrible now. (If you want a game story, here's Rhett Bollinger's recap.)

The good: Aaron Hicks making a Bo Jackson throw to nail a runner at third base. Thanks to for that clip.

The bad: Justin Morneau losing his mind on a check-swing strikeout with about seven runners on base or so. Thanks to @cjzero for the GIF.

Robot Rollcall

1 kenzertz 87
2 myjah 72
3 twinsgirl197 38
4 less cowbell, more 'neau 31
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6 SooFoo Fan 18
7 LittleLad 7
8 ColossusOfRhode 7
9 Purpledork 4
10 montanatwinsfan

Charts & Graphs

Source: FanGraphs

Enjoy your weekend, everybody.