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National Writers Think the Twins Are Going to Fire Gardy (lol)

Is Ron Gardenhires job in jeopardy? The short answer is, "No."

"Hey guys--you know anyone looking for a new baseball manager? lol, j/k."
"Hey guys--you know anyone looking for a new baseball manager? lol, j/k."

In the wake of the Twins recent losing streak, national sports writers hungry for something to write about have latched on to the idea that Ron Gardenhire's job is in jeopardy.

The small move seems to be spearheaded by CBS Sports writer--and wicked hair owner--Danny Knobler. Knobler writes that Gardenhire can't sleep at night (I'm not sure how he knows that) and that two local columnist called for Gardenhire's resignation (even though Reusse did so because he thinks Gardy deserves better. Details, details...)

The number of columns directly opposing and debunking Knobler's suggestions have come fast and furious, especially after Terry Ryan personally addressed journalists on Saturday. Ryan was asked by the media about the rumors of Gardenhire's supposedly shaky job security. "That doesn't bother me at all because there's no validity to it," Ryan told the media. And, from Gardy's own mouth: "You guys talked to Terry about it, and he gave you his answers. I'd talked to Terry before you, and he told me the same thing: 'Don't worry about what people are writing or saying. You have to do a job here.' That's what I'm trying to do."

Don't listen to the national media suggesting Gardy's job is on the line. It's not. For better or worse, the Twins are stuck with Gardy for the foreseeable future.

Hey--it could be worse.