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Game 93: Indians @ Twins

Here's your CYBER WATER COOLER for tonight's baseball game. ASK YOUR PARENTS IF THIS IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

I still miss u, Oswaldo
I still miss u, Oswaldo
Hannah Foslien

First Pitch: 7:10 CDT
Know Thine Enemy: Let's Go Tribe


Twins (courtesy Tyler Mason):

  1. Dozier 2B
  2. Plouffe 3B
  3. Not a Homer DH
  4. Mountie 1B
  5. Doumit RF
  6. Colabello DH
  7. Hicks CF
  8. Thomas LF
  9. Florimon SS

Indians (courtesy MLB Lineups):

  1. Bourn CF
  2. Cabrera SS
  3. Kipnis 2B
  4. Swisher 1B
  5. Brantley LF
  6. Santana DH
  7. Chisenhall 3B
  8. Gomes C
  9. Stubbs RF


  • As expected, the Twins filled their 25th roster spot with Chris Colabello, who is putting up Randy Ruiz-type numbers at Triple-A.
  • Vance Worley, the Twins' opening-day starter, has been shelved with shoulder inflammation per the PiPress's Mike Berardino. Ungood.

Enjoy the game, everybody.