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FAST REACTION: Twins 3, Indians 2

After a slow start, the Twins capitalize on some godawful Cleveland errors and extend their winning streak to three. Three!

Hannah Foslien

Minnesota capitalized on some late-inning Cleveland sloppiness and Glen Perkins closed the door in a nice, fun 3-2 victory on Friday night.

The Twins looked the part of a team that hadn't played in five days, getting just one hit off Scott Kazmir in the first five innings and not doing much of anything. However, they were able to capitalize on a 2-out walk and error in the sixth, with Trevor Plouffe delivering a 2-run single to tie the score.

They followed that up in the 8th when a Joe Mauer single plated the winning run. Mauer's at-bat was made possible by Nick Swisher dropping an on-target throw to first. Thanks, Nick. I have never liked you.

Mike Pelfrey wasn't electric, but he labored to be competent, which is electric for this rotation. It took him 113 pitches to get 17 outs, but he only allowed two runs, both on a 3rd-inning Michael Bourn double.


  • Mauer: in addition to the GWRBI, his bullet on a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play in the 8th was neat as hell.
  • Pedro Florimon: his catch on a bloop in the top of the 9th will be on SportsCenter. It was neater than hell.
  • Jared Burton: he didn't do anything really bad!

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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.