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Tuesday Morning Twins: Everyone's Sick, Escobar is Funny, DJ Hey Beef, and More

"Uggghhhh I'm gonna blow chunks..."
"Uggghhhh I'm gonna blow chunks..."
Hannah Foslien

Good morning! Some Twins links for your viewing pleasure:

  • Joe Mauer sat out of last night's starting lineup because he is lazy he's feeling ill, but apparently he isn't the only one--4 or 5 Twins players are feeling ill. Is that just because the Yankees are in town, or...?
  • Yahoo!'s Darin McGilvra tells the Mauer haters to back off, because Mauer is already the best power-hitting catcher in Twins history. But Darin--Mauer's also getting paid $23 million a year! And if he isn't lazy, why does he just walk to first base all the time? Check and mate!
  • 1500ESPN's Brandon Warne takes a look at what has made Samuel Deduno so successful so far this season.
  • You need to see this video of Eduardo Escobar imitating Ron Gardenhire.
  • Love Target Field food, but can't afford to pay for a ticket AND parking AND food? Good news: the Twins are building a food truck!
  • TwinsFest next year is going to be held at Target Field. In January. As us Minnesotans say, "Well, that's interesting..."
  • With his twin babies due next month, few off-days due to make-up games, moving to a new home, and now currently ill, Joe Mauer describes his summer as "interesting".
  • The website Artist Direct recently interviewed Twins pitching prospect Trevor May about his work as an EDM (electronic dance music) DJ. May claims in the interview his DJ moniker is "MAZR". What was wrong with "DJ Hey Beef"!?
  • Cedar Rapids fans grieving over the loss of newly-promoted CF Byron Buxton at have least something else to be happy about--German outfield prospect Max Kepler, who was called to the Kernels to play CF, hit a home run in his first two games with the team.