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Gamethread: Twins at Angels, Game 96

Twins get their second look at the terrible Joe Blanton..

Soooo this cant happen again right?
Soooo this cant happen again right?

Game one of a three game series in LA with the Halos. Sam Deduno (who has has been channeling his inner wiffle ball skills) going up against Joe Blanton, a player who the Twins nearly landed this off-season and has arguably been one the most ineffective pitchers in the AL. No Hamilton in the lineup tonight, and more importantly no Jared Weaver, who no hit the Twins last year at Angels Stadium. Newly called up Doug Bernier will bat in front of Mauer tonight and play short. Keep it real y'all. (Braun comments should be done by first pitch, which is why I opened this early to get it all out of your system.

First Pitch: 9:30pm CDT


Radio: K-Twin, TIBN, BOB FM

Know Thine Enemy: Halos Heaven

Twins: 1. Dozier 2B, 2. Bernier SS, 3. Mauer C, 4. Morneau 1B, 5. Doumit RF, 6. Plouffe 3B, 7. Collabello DH, 8. Thomas LF, 9. Hicks CF, Deduno, 1

Angels: 1. Shuck LF, 2. Trout CF, 3. Pujols DH, 4. Kendrick 2B, 5. Callaspo 3B, 6. Trumbo RF, 7. Hawpe 1B, 8. Conger C, 9. Aybar SS, Blanton, 1