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Mariners 8, Twins 2: Iwakuma Unsolvable, Bats Silent

Well that was just no fun at all.

Otto Greule Jr

Hisashi Iwakuma would like to pitch against the Twins all of the times. In all of his starts. He'd go 31-0 with two no decisions. On Thursday night Iwakuma blanked Minnesota over six innings, striking out nine and giving up just four hits.

Kevin Correia had his worst start of the season. Pitchers and their coaches always talk about avoiding the big inning, and that's exactly what Correia was unable to do. After a couple of baseballs snuck through, the Minnesota starter essentially just gave up the ghost. And six runs. He didn't finish the second inning, meaning the Twins bullpen was responsible for the remaining six and a third innings and two runs.

On the plus side, Chris Herrmann picked up two more hits to continue his hot streak. Doug Bernier snagged another hit for the third game in a row. Oh, and the bullpen was pretty good considering the situation they were in.

That's about it. And that's enough, right? Seattle kicks Twins, good for them. When a team has been bad for as long as the Mariners have, which as a Twins fan is an identifiable position, it's hard to totally begrudge them a win.




Kevin Correia