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Mariners 6, Twins 4: Colabello Homers Again, but Gibson Roughed Up

That fourth inning was brutal.

Otto Greule Jr

Ryan Doumit and Chris Colabello hit Mariners starter Erasmo Ramirez like you'd expect him to get hit: hard. In the top of the second inning, Doumit hit a double that had to be reviewed to make sure it wasn't actually a home run. On the very next pitch, as Dick was still discussing Doumit's double, Chris Colabello took Seattle deep for the second time in the series with a ball that cleared the center field fence with ease. It gave the Twins an early 2-0 lead.

Which Kyle Gibson didn't take long to give back, allowing one run in the third but a pair of homers leading to four more runs in the fourth. Once again it was the big inning that gave Kyle a tough time, and instead of death by a thousand paper cuts (or one-run innings) it's all coming in an avalanche. Four runs against the Rays. A pair of three-run innings against the Yankees. And four more runs against the Mariners today.

But Caleb Thielbar was really good again. So, that's all the same.

Colabello almost had a pair of homers today. In the third inning he went the other way with two on and two out, but a timely jump from right fielder Endy Chavez ended the threat. If that ball had gone over the fence, who knows how today's game would have ended?

Minnesota comes out of a week long road trip with a 4-3 record, which is pretty good in the big picture. Both the Angels and the Mariners currently have more talented Major League rosters. The Twins are also 6-4 in their last ten games, which is also pretty good - but right now the only team in the division who was worse than that was the White Sox. So, that's fun to laugh about.

The Twins are off tomorrow, but we'll see you back here!


Ryan Doumit
Chris Colabello
Caleb Thielbar


Kyle Gibson
Justin Morneau
Pedro Florimon