Game 81: Twins vs. Yankees

PJ Walters tries to redeem himself tonight in a game against CC Sebathia who is going for his 200th win tonight (if Dick and Bert are to be trusted... I'm totally winging this...) Anyhoo, I just want the Twins to win because I've been sleeping on a bed lump in a dorm room the past few nights, and have gotten maybe 5 hours of sleep since Sunday so I'm not in a good mood and a win will hopefully help that. I also don't like losing... You guys probably secretly don't care what I say but hey, most people don't care about teenagers anyways lol I'll just give you the lineups now I guess


B. Dozier, 2B
J. Mauer, DH
R. Doumit, C
J. Morneau, 1B
T. Plouffe, 3B
O. Arcia, LF
A. Hicks, CF
C. Thomas, RF
P. Florimon, SS


B. Gardner, CF
I. Suzuki, RF
R. Cano, 2B
T. Hafner, DH
Z. Almonte, LF
L. Overbay, 1B
C. Stewart, C
L. Cruz, SS
D. Adams, 3B