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Tuesday Morning Twins: PEDs, Making it Rain, and Cute Kids

Otto Greule Jr

Good morning Twins fans. Here are some links to enjoy:

  • Despite being long-time friends and off-season workout buddies, Trevor Plouffe tells the Pioneer Press he didn't know Ryan Braun was using PEDs.
  • Sick of hearing about PEDs? So is Tony Oliva. When asked about the recent scandals, Tony told reporters, "You know, if you think about that (too hard), you have too much of a headache."
  • On another note, the little girl who caught Chris Colabello's first major league home run is adorable.
  • Yahoo!'s Darin McGilvra explains why not only the umpires were wrong for not calling the in-field fly rule in the Twins game against the Angels last Wednesday, but everyone else did everything wrong too.
  • Twins top pitching prospect Alex Meyers is progressing slowly in his shoulder rehabilitation efforts (PANIC! PANIC! AHHH!)
  • Rant Sports thinks they can name the Mauer twins better than the Mauers!
  • Now THIS is a promotion I can really get behind. In case you missed it during Sunday's game: