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Twins Trade Rumors: Morning Update, Starting Positions for Morneau, Perkins, Others

With the non-waiver trade deadline just hours away, here's how the top Twins' chips appear to be sitting this morning.

Tom Szczerbowski

With the 2013 MLB Trade Deadline looming at 3:00pm central time, the front has been mostly quiet in regards to the Minnesota Twins. Perpetuating the feeling of treading water in his market is that most of the potentially desirable pieces with the team have something working against them, from performance to injury. Here's a quick guide to keep you up-to-date with where things are at this morning.

Justin Morneau - In spite of his performance, Morneau has been the most oft-discussed Twins player. He's been linked to Pittsburgh and Baltimore in recent weeks, although I still think the Yankees might be the team to reap the most benefit due to their right field porch. He's been in a slump and the team still owes him roughly $6 million for the rest of the season, so if Terry Ryan does make a move here - don't hold your breath. There isn't a lot of value to be had. BUT...having said that, the Angels just gave Alberto Callaspo to the Athletics for Grant Green. Sometimes, surprising things happen.

Glen Perkins - Perkins is undeniably the most valuable trade chip the Twins have, on course to best perhaps Joe Nathan's career seasons. Ryan has played this one pretty close, always saying that Perkins is unavailable before saying in the next breath that he'd always listen. The Angels received Cory Rasmus (younger brother of Colby) for Scott Downs. The Astros received Danry Vasquez for Jose Veras. If those two trades are pacing the market for relief pitching, Minnesota should be looking to rake somebody over the coals for Perkins.

Mike Pelfrey - We're back to Baltimore for Pelfrey, which is the only team connected to the right-hander. He had a tough one last night, but he's been pitching like a new man. Including last night's clunker, he's posted a 3.83 ERA in his last eight starts.

Kevin Correia - He had his own clunker his last time out, but he's proven to be far more reliable and effective than I thought he'd be. Like most of the players on this list he won't retrieve much, but because he's also signed through next season and because even contending teams like to have balance and stability at the back end of their rotations, it wouldn't be surprising to see him go today or in August.

Ryan Doumit - With just nine additional hits, Doumit would be 90-for-335 this season (instead of 81-for-335) and would be hitting his career average of .268. Those nine extra singles would also increase his slugging percentage from a terrible .391 to a non-far-off-his-career-average of .420. Granted, that's still a lot lower than the .466 he slugged over 2011 and 2012, but using "just nine hits and some luck" could be enough propaganda to convince somebody that Doumit's poised for a better couple of months down the stretch. There's value here. But I do doubt he gets moved.

Josh Willingham - Still injured. Sorry. Just rubbing salt in open wounds here. On the plus side, he'll be cleared to start rehab games in a few days.

Jamey Carroll - After the game on May 23, Carroll was hitting .303 with a .352 on-base percentage. Since then he's just 16-for-100 and is having a hard time batting his weight. And he's not very heavy. He could be traded to a team that needs a versatile backup infielder, but again - there isn't any return value other than salary relief. Of which there isn't much to be noted anyway. Brian Dozier's day-to-day situation will also play a role.

Casey Fien - He has allowed two runs in the last two months. Granted, the track record isn't there, but he's inexpensive and could be seen by some as an under-the-radar acquisition. He'll have more return value than anyone on this list except Glen Perkins, who Fien will replace if dealt.

Jared Burton - As Brandon Warne notes, Burton's come back to himself a bit. In his last 11 appearances he hasn't allowed a run. He may not be seen as the closer-in-waiting he could have been viewed to be a couple of months ago, but he'd bolster anyone's bullpen.

Brian Duensing - Duensing's rough month may not have killed his value to other teams as much as it's killed what the Twins could expect to see in return. The last half of May was rough, June was better, but in July he's posting a 7.15 ERA after getting hammered last night. Right now, the lefty most likely to be traded from the bullpen should be Perkins.