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Twins Trade Rumors: Afternoon Update, Morneau and Perkins

Can the Twins pull the trigger? Is there anything to which a trigger can even be pulled?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Morneau

  • Our own Steve Adams had an update at MLBTR recently, chronicling the progress of Morneau-based rumors so far today.
  • In spite of losing Lance Berkman, possibly forever, the Rangers aren't the perfect fit they may have appeared to be late this morning. They're looking for a right-handed bat.
  • The Yankees are apparently happy with Lyle Overbay at first base. For some reason, I'd take Morneau over Overbay ten out of ten times. But considering the resources the Yankees have and how they've used them over the last half decade or so, I'm in no position to think I could do better. Because anybody could have done better.
  • The Orioles have been tied to Morneau on a number of occasions, but it sound like they're playing the game:
Glen Perkins

  • Let's say that Cafardo isn't completely full of made up stuff, and that the Twins really are getting "lots of calls" on Perkins. If they aren't playing that to their advantage to up the bidding for a nice return, it's a shame.
  • It's easy to see why the Twins wouldn't want to trade Perkins. He's fun, he's a great player, he's One of Us (TM), and he's one of the few players on this team that make the Twins better. But this season, he's a luxury. If there's a really good offer on the table, it should be accepted.