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Game 86: Twins at Rays

Game one of a four game series in the best stadium in baseball!

J. Meric

Sammy D is on the hill up against that one guy who always looked a lot older then he really was, you know him as; Roberto Hernandez. (Or Fausto Carmona) There is something I want to briefly touch on here for the gamethread faithfuls. We all know Deduno has done a decent good thus far, and for the most part as possibly pitched his was onto the rotation for next year. The reason for his success is obviously because the kid is throwing more strikes and is… PITCHING TO CONTACT. (DUN, DUN DUUNNNNN) Deduno’s strike out numbers have dropped off a bit just like every other hurler on this team that is not Glen Perkins, as he as only struck out 5 batters or more, just twice in his eight starts. Has Rick Anderson’s finally found his star pupil? Is Samuel Deduno, going be the savior for the once renowned coach? Just like they say, Rhode Island is nor a road, or an island… DISCUSS