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Tuesday Morning Twins: Meat Raffle, Good/Bad Pitchers, and Trade Talks

"My desire to do what?"
"My desire to do what?"
J. Meric

Good morning Twins fans. Some links for you to enjoy:

  • Caleb "Meat Raffle" Thielbar's amazing streak ended yesterday when he gave up a two-run home run to Ben Zobrist after pitching 20 scoreless innings. Meat Raffle set a record for pitchers starting their career with the Twins, and had the longest active scoreless-inning streak in the majors.
  • All-star closer Glen Perkins learned his stuff from another all-star closer (guess who?).
  • Meanwhile, Jared Burton has assured others he is feeling better and he's all fixed and he's done pitching bad.
  • Remember all those other pitchers like Joe Blanton, Brandon McCarthy, and Edwin Jackson Twins fans suggested the Twins should sign last off-season instead of Kevin Correia? Turns out they all suck.
  • Justin Moreanu does not want to be traded--but a lot of other people think he should or will be gone soon.
  • Of course--you also find New York writers like this one who jump all the way past a trade for Morneau to a trade for Joe Mauer. (My favorite part: when the author asks if the Yankees have enough to pry Joe "from the franchise that wanted to make him its face." Maybe one day you'll get to be the face of the Twins, Joe.)
  • Or this writer, who muses that "[t]he team and perhaps even the fans could sympathize with Mauer's desire to become a champion in New York ..."
Look for next week's Tuesday Twins Links, which will probably be a bunch of pictures of Joe Mauer and Glen Perkins standing next to each other during baseball games at various ages in their lives.