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Tuesday Morning Twins: You Can Buy a Suitcase Made Out of the Old Metrodome Roof, And More

"Say what?"
"Say what?"
Hannah Foslien

Good morning? Good morning! Check these out:

  • Some person at Duluth Pack who needs a raise bought a hunk of the old Metrodome roof and turned it into purses and luggage. Someone buy me one of these. Please.
  • If you're into Bleacher Report material, you can read this piece about why Justin Morneau is sure not to be a Twin in 2014 because he hates Target Field and would only get a one year contract. Or something.
  • Torii Hunter tells the Detroit Free Press, "Morneau is probably one of the most respected first basemen in the game... He's one of my guys. I've seen him grow in the system. I'm happy for him to where he is right now. He's been hot the last month." I poop you not. Torii apparently said that--the same Torii Hunter who once tried to punch Justin Morneau and ended up hitting Nick Punto instead (after which Punto excitedly told a coach, "Wow! I just got hit by Torii Hunter!").
  • Oh man--I love bringing up that Punto quote.
  • Twins starter Mike Pelfrey has ADHD, and unlike recently suspended MLBer Miguel Tejada, takes enough adderall to remember to renew his adderall exemption with the league.