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Thursday Morning News and Notes: Mauer, Deduno, Arcia, Bernadina, Saturday Night

Here are a few Twins-related nuggets to get your Thursday off on the right foot.

Rob Carr

Happy Thursday! There are quite a few bits and pieces to cover regarding the Twins this morning, so let's get started.

  • Joe Mauer is scheduled to fly to Minneapolis today, where he'll be examined by team doctors for the first time in regards to the concussion-like symptoms we discussed yesterday. The good news is that Joe told team doctors yesterday that he was feeling better and that, in a harbinger of good things, he felt fine flying to Detroit with the team. The bad news, of course, is that any type of concussion is a bad one and, even if he's back next week, there will be lingering effects. There are differing views on the exact definition of what a concussion is, particularly in sports where a concussion is the term for any type of mild traumatic brain injury, and even after researching I'm not sure whether Joe's concussion would rate as a Grade 1 or 2 since he didn't lose consciousness, but one this is certain: the sooner he's cleared to play, the better. Doctors won't let him on the field if he shouldn't be playing, so being cleared is a good sign all around.
  • Samuel Deduno threw a bullpen session on Wednesday and feels good, so he should be a go for Friday night's start versus the Indians. The Twins are planning on having Anthony Swarzak ready, just in case something develops during the game for Deduno or in case he struggles, but right now it's all systems go. Which, considering the state of this team's starting rotation, can only be a good thing.
  • Oswaldo Arcia was out for the second game in a row last night, apparently due to a sore left wrist. If the condition of the wrist doesn't improve he could be put on the disabled list, leaving the Twins with an outfield similar to the one last night: Wilkin Ramirez in left, Clete Thomas in center, and Chris Herrmann in right. Josh Willingham is available, and Chris Colabello will be available today, but that is one rough looking set of outfielders.
  • Which is probably why the Twins kicked the tires on Roger Bernadina when the Nationals released him on Monday. In the end Bernadina signed with the Phillies, leading to a Twins official telling ESPN Darren Wolfson "They needed outfielders more than us." Considering their active outfield roster consists of Domonic Brown, John Mayberry, Darin Ruff, and Casper Wells, I'm not sure I agree with the Twins official. But to be honest it's a moot point. Bernadina wasn't going to make our outfield noticeably better than it is right now, even if he does have added experience.
  • Going back to the starting rotation, the Twins haven't yet made a decision on who will take Saturday night's spot. After Kyle Gibson's demotion on Monday, the Twins seemed to have two options: Liam Hendriks and Scott Diamond. Considering that Hendriks also started on Monday, meaning there wouldn't be any hiccups in rest days for anyone involved, and considering that he also tossed eight shutout innings, the Australian may have the advantage over Diamond.
That's it for now. Go ahead and grab yourself another coffee.