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Tuesday Morning Twins: Concussions, Kramarczuk's, and More

Why don't the Make-a-Wish kids ever ask players for RBI bunts!?
Why don't the Make-a-Wish kids ever ask players for RBI bunts!?
Jason Miller

Good morning afternoon day Twins fans! Please enjoy this week's links:

  • Joe Mauer is on the road to recovery from his recent concussion (he sleeps a lot). Today is the first eligible day for Mauer to come off the DL, but the Twins are going to let him sleep a little more.
  • Speaking of concussions, the Twins lead the way for 7-day concussion DL trips in the majors this year (it makes my head hurt too).
  • The Twins Food Truck is on the road. The food items settled upon are "sausages from Kramarczuk's, hot dogs from Schweigert, chili from The Loon Café, nachos, as well as a variety of specials." The truck also has a twitter account here, with an awesome header picture of Mike the Beer man (on one of those weird days when he's selling hot dogs instead of beers). Eat your heart out, hipsters.
  • Twins Daily has a new interview with Twins Red Wings center-fielder Aaron Hicks.
  • Before Saturday's game in Cleveland, a child with cerebral palsy got to meet Indians Carlos Santana and Jason Kipnis, and asked both of them to hit home runs. Luckily, Liam Hendriks delivered just that. Liam is for the children!