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Ryan Doumit Likely Headed to the Disabled List

The Minnesota backup catcher and designated hitter will head to the seven-day disabled list with concussion symptoms.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Concussion symptoms will, and should, qualify a player for automatic shunting to the seven-day disabled list. In recent seasons we've seen a bit of it with the Twins, from serious cases like Justin Morneau to extended cases like Wilkin Ramirez to a very quick return from Trevor Plouffe earlier this year. After taking a foul tip off his mask on Sunday, Ryan Doumit hasn't felt himself and left yesterday's contest after feeling foggy. It's only a matter of time until the move becomes official.

Doumit's shift to the disabled list will make Chris Herrmann the team's backup catcher. Losing that safety blanket will also make Gardy less likely to DH one of his catchers, meaning that on days where both Herrmann and Joe Mauer are in the lineup Chris Colabello could get an extra opportunity or two at designated hitter.

The Twins aren't in competition for anything other than fourth place in the American League Central Division this season, and it's not like losing Doumit's bat is a big blow to the lineup, but the most important part of all of this is how serious the concussion issue really is. Hopefully we'll see Doumit back with the Twins by next weekend.

In the interim, who are the Twins likely to bring to Minnesota? With just two official outfielders on the roster (Oswaldo Arcia and Clete Thomas), will the team be comfortable running Chris Herrmann and Chris Colabello into the corners and call up another infielder or pitcher...or will they activate Josh Willingham?