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Game 135: Twins at Rangers

Okay. Let's get a win today. That would feel good.


First Pitch: 2:05pm CDT


Radio: K-Twin, TIBN, BOB FM

Know Thine Enemy: Lonestar Ball

Pre-game Takes

  • It's easy to look at that Minnesota lineup and just cringe. You probably should cringe. On the plus side, Dozier has been playing well, we get to see our first game with Pinto behind the plate, and the outfield will have more collective range today than it has since two guys named Span and Revere were on the club. There will be some interesting moments this month, and today is just our first taste.
  • The Rangers are playing well but the A's are nipping at their heels. Whether you'd prefer to see Texas or Oakland win the AL West is one thing, but it's always fun to see the Twins make things just a bit harder for an opponent down the stretch. The Twins are the team we use to help tear others down. Just like our mothers always taught us good Minnesotan children: "Kids, always secretly wish for your betters to fail." Right? No?
  • My mom never said anything like that.
  • Fun Fact: the last day that Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau were in the same starting lineup was August 19, 2013. NEVER FORGET.

Twins: Presley (CF), Mastroianni (RF), Dozier (2B), Willingham (DH), Plouffe (3B), Colabello (1B), Thomas (LF), Pinto (C), Bernier (SS)

Correia (P)

Rangers: Martin (CF), Profar (SS), Kinsler (2B), Beltre (DH), Rios (RF), Adduci (LF), Baker (3B), Moreland (1B), Soto (C)

Blackley (P)