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Twins Release 2014 Schedule

While the big highlight of 2014 will be having the All-Star game hosted at Target Field, there are other reasons to look forward to next year's schedule.


Major League Baseball released tentative schedules for all teams today. The Twins will open the season on the south side of Chicago, taking on the White Sox starting March 31. That means Minnesota will have started the year on the road for the fourth time in Target Field's five-year history, which may or may not be by design considering the public's belief that Minnesota is completely unlivable in March. And, to be fair, sometimes that's true. The home opener will come on April 7, when the Twins host the Athletics.

The new interleague schedule means that next year will be similar to this year in some respects:

  • There will be one three-game series against four of the five teams in the interleague matchup division, which in our case is the National League West.
  • One two-game home/home series with the fifth team in that division.
  • One two-game home/home series with our "natural rival", the Milwaukee Brewers.
The Los Angeles Dodgers will be in Minneapolis April 29 to May 1, meaning that you'll have the opportunity (probably for the last time) to hear the legendary Vin Scully call a Twins game - provided he's doing away games other than on the West coast, which I'm not sure he is. Minnesota will be in San Francisco May 23 to May 25, and in Colorado July 11 to July 13. The Diamondbacks get to experience the beginning of a Minnesota autumn on their road trip, September 22 to 24. That means the Padres are the two-game home/home series team, with the Twins in California on May 20 and 21, and San Diego in Minneapolis on August 5 and 6.

That annual series with the Brewers will be June 2 to June 5, with the Twins at home for the last two games.

Nine games from September 15 to September 24 will be your final chances to see the team at Target Field, as the Twins finish the season on the road with a four-game series in Detroit that wraps up on September 28.

Tuesday, July 15 marks the date of the 2014 All-Star game. Whether you've seen Target Field to bask in the glory of its beauty or not, that week is guaranteed to have every baseball pundit within spitting distance of Minneapolis gushing over our ballpark. I haven't decided yet if that aspect of the spectacle will be enjoyable or annoying.

Here's the full 2014 Twins schedule. What are you looking forward to?