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Minor League Update: The Top 25 Wind Down

Covering the Twinkie Town top 25 prospects as the minor league seasons start to wind downM

Though the minor league seasons are starting to wind down, there are still some rather noteworthy performances that have happened over the past week with our Top 25 that we'll be covering. Jumping right in to the mix...

1) Miguel Sano: The Rock Cats' season ended last week. Over the course of the season, Sano was moved up from Ft. Myers to New Britain, and the move proved to be a bit of a challenge for the young prospect. His numbers dropped off, and I think we'll see much better in New Britain for Miguel next season. Sano's final lines (for the season, not individual teams) were as follows:
Batting average: .280 | OBP: .382 | SLG: .610 | OPS: .992

2) Oswaldo Arcia: Arcia is still up playing for the big club, and has been a pretty consistently present player in the past week. He's racked up 5 hits in the past week, an RBI, and a couple walks. It would be nice to see more production from Arcia, but I have a feeling with how the club has been playing lately, we may have to wait until next season to see big things from the Twins' prospect.

3) Byron Buxton: Buxton ended his season with the Fort Myers Miracle, and between his stint in Cedar Rapids and Fort Myers, still had a pretty darn good season. I am very, very excited to see what Buxton will continue to bring to the table in the coming seasons. His final lines:
Batting average: .334 | OBP: .424 | SLG: .520 | OPS: .944

4) Alex Meyer: In his 2013 season with the Rock Cats, Meyer posted some pretty good numbers overall. His move affected him (as it tends to do), but not to the point of disaster by any means. His final lines for 2013:
ERA: 2.99 | IP: 78.1 | ER/HR/BB: 26/3/32 | SO: 100 | W-L: 4-3

5) Aaron Hicks: Ugh. Can we not? Let's quickly discuss how Hicks was a failed experiment at the beginning of the season, and once he was sent down to work a little harder and make his way back up, he failed at that too. Meanwhile, Denard Span is on a 20-game hitting streak right now, so that's cool. Anyway, Hicks' minor league numbers for the Red Wings this year:
Batting average: .222 | OBP: .317 | SLG: .333 | OPS: .650

6) Eddie Rosario: Rosario started the season in Fort Myers and was called up to New Britain, where he struggled a bit, but was still able to post decent numbers. His overall season numbers remained pretty good, and he should be a fun prospect to watch next season as he continues to adjust. His season lines:
Batting average: .302 | OBP: .350 | SLG: .460 | OPS: .810

7) Kyle Gibson: Kyle Gibson was called up to the big club for his MLB debut this season, and while he didn't have the success that many had hoped for, he posted overall good numbers for the Rochester Red Wings (whose playoff appearance ended rather quickly, sad to say). It'll be interesting to see if Gibson is able to perform better next year and make the starting rotation. His numbers for the Red Wings:
ERA: 2.92 | IP: 101.2 | ER/HR/BB: 37/7/20 | SO: 87 | W-L: 7-5

8) Max Kepler: With the Kernels' season also drawing to a close, Kepler's final numbers show a player that didn't play this season as well as expected. I don't believe his numbers this year match the player he really is, but next season will be important for him to pull everything together. His final lines:
Batting average: .237 | OBP: .312 | SLG: .424 | OPS: .736

9) Jose Berrios: Berrios is another player that will be interesting to keep an eye on. His strikeout numbers are promising, but his walks are rather concerning. He had a pretty average year in Cedar Rapids, with a couple of standout performances, but he'll have to be more consistently solid next season to see a move up. His line:
ERA: 3.99 | IP: 103.2 | ER/HR/BB: 46/6/40 | SO: 100 | W-L: 7-7

10) Trevor May: Trevor May was moved to the Rochester Red Wings at the end of New Britain's season, but did not pitch for them in 2013. His numbers this season for the Rock Cats were sometimes promising, and showed flashes of brilliance, but it was clear that he was struggling at times as well. His final numbers aren't as encouraging as I would've expected:
ERA: 4.51 | IP: 151.2 | ER/HR/BB: 76/14/67 | SO: 159 | W-L: 9-9

11) Joe Benson: Not with the Twins any more. Probably one of a few good choices this season.

12) J.T. Chargois: Chargois hasn't pitched for Elizabethton since 2012. Hopefully we'll see something come Spring Training time.

13) Jorge Polanco: Polanco posted some pretty good number for the Kernels this year, and was a pretty solid addition at 2B. I wouldn't be surprised to see him moved several places up this list come the 2014 season. His bat was good, and he made several very nice plays throughout the year. With the Twins' frequent MI problems, seeing what Polanco can do will definitely be something to keep an eye on. His 2013 numbers:
Batting average: .308 | OBP: .362 | SLG: .452 | OPS: .813

14) Travis Harrison: Another Kernels player, Harrison had a very average/so-so year at third base for Cedar Rapids. His hitting wasn't anything especially great, and he was decent at 3B, but not outstanding. As with most of the other players, a lot will depend on what Harrison brings in 2014 to determine where he'll end up. His lines:
Batting average: .253 | OBP: .366 | SLG: .416 | OPS: .782

15) Danny Santana: Santana is one of the players I'd been keeping a closer eye on throughout the season, mostly because the Twins MI is such a mess most of the time. He hit alright, but his strikeout numbers were a little too high for what I'd like to see (90), and his triple slash numbers aren't very wowing. They are:
Batting average: .297 | OBP: .333 | SLG: .386 | OPS: .719

16) Mason Melotakis: Melotakis, like a few of the top-25 prospects, posted rather underwhelming numbers this season. While we can expect some drop off as the list goes down, it would be nice to see, especially, pitching prospects doing well. Melotakis' 2013 numbers:
ERA: 3.16 | IP: 111 | ER/HR/BB: 39/6/39 | SO: 84 | W-L: 11-4

17) Luke Bard: Luke Bard pitched in three different leagues in the 2013 season: the Gulf Coast League, the Appy League, and the Florida League. He posted his best numbers in Elizabethton, where he pitched 8.1 innings in relief. His season numbers:
ERA: 3.65 | IP: 12.1 | ER/HR/BB: 5/0/9 | SO: 9 | W-L: 1-0

18) Hudson Boyd: The Kernels pitcher pitched both as a relief pitcher and a starter this season, with 16 games as a starting pitcher and 13 relief appearances. Needless to say, Boyd was much more effective as a reliever than he was as a starter. His season numbers:
ERA: 4.98 | IP: 103 | ER/HR/BB: 57/10/56 | SO: 72 | W-L: 4-5

19) Michael Tonkin: Tonkin was actually called up to the big club and has made a couple of appearances for 2.1 innings. He's allowed 3 runs on 4 hits and a walk, and he's struck out a couple batters as well. His numbers for the Red Wings and Rock Cats, however, are:
ERA: 3.47 | IP: 57 | ER/HR/BB: 22/3/16 | SO: 66 | W-L: 1-2

20) Niko Goodrum: When the Twins selected Goodrum in the second round of the draft in 2010, I was hoping to see some production from the Georgia high schooler. He came with some talk of his skills, and I don't think this season accurately portrayed his skill level yet. Hopefully next year we'll see a little more from Goodrum. 2012 numbers:
Batting average: .260 | OBP: .364 | SLG: .369 | OPS: .732

21) Chris Herrmann: Herrmann has been playing quite a few games with the Twins in the Cities and on the road, and has had some pretty big moments and clutch home runs for the team. I will be the first to admit I was shocked that he was called up, considering some of the numbers he posted down in Rochester. His minor league numbers for 2013:
Batting average: .227 | OBP: .297 | SLG: .312 | OPS: .608

22) Alex Wimmers: Wimmers has now been called up to the Rock Cats, but spent the 2013 season pitching for the Gulf Coast League Twins. His numbers there were a little rough, with a couple of bright spots. They are:
ERA: 7.20 | IP: 15 | ER/HR/BB: 12/1/5 | SO: 18 | W-L: 0-1

23) DJ Baxendale: Ah, Baxendale. The pitcher I had such high hopes for. He was pretty much dominating in Fort Myers, but when Baxendale was called up to New Britain, he showed signs of struggling. His numbers started off in 2013 so promising, but the jump up also made his number jump up. Here they are:
ERA: 3.90 | IP: 150 | ER/HR/BB: 65/15/33 | SO: 112 | W-L: 5-7

24) Levi Michael: For a first-round draft pick in 2011, Michael's year was certainly not very promising. His numbers for the 2013 campaign leave much to be desired:
Batting average: .229 | OBP: .331 | SLG: .340 | OPS: .670.

25) Adam Walker: Walker had a pretty okay season for the Kernels, though the bright spot was definitely his 27 homers on the year. I'd like to see a little more production at the plate--getting on base more, namely--next season, and I think if he is able to take more pitches, he might move himself up on this list. His numbers:
Batting average: .278 | OBP: .319 | SLG: .526 | OPS: .844

And there we have it--a round up of the players that the community voted as the top 25 most promising in the offseason before the 2013 season began. It will definitely be interesting to see where players will rank during the next vote. Who will make the list? Who won't? Make sure you come back to vote for next year's top 25!